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Qi Gong

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Qi gong, pronounced “chee gong,” is a gentle, flowing form of movement therapy that delivers a variety of health benefits. The words qi gong mean “energy work” or “energy cultivation.” Once only associated with Taoist and Buddhist monks in China, millions of people around the world now practice this regimen of meditative motion and deep breathing to enhance their physical and spiritual wellbeing. Since 1989, qi gong has been recognized by Chinese hospitals as a form of medical treatment for health conditions like fibromyalgia, and has been steadily gaining popularity in the United States within both the conventional and integrative health communities. Qi gong movements can help improve joint flexibility, muscle strength and range of motion. With its meditative elements and focus on deep, diaphragmatic breathing, qi gong is an effective way to manage tension and anxiety, too.
Instructed by Andrzej Leszczynski.